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Handling Circuit

BMW’s don’t just go fast in a straight line; they are pretty good on the twisty stuff too, so we’ve got a tight handling circuit for you to test your skills on. Forget horsepower and cc’s… serious arm work will be required on the steering wheel to get the best time, you might even find a bit of handbrake will get you around the very tightest corners quickest, and you’ll be lucky to get out of second gear. Hectic driving skills ahead!

The best news is it’s completely FREE to enter. All you need to do is show your driving licence and fill in the sign-on form. There is a cool trophy up for grabs, which will be presented to the day's quickest runner.

Trophies for the quickest run of the day.

Signing On Procedure

  1. Walk over to the handling circuit signing on at the start of the course.
  2. Fill in the disclaimer form, present your driving licence.
  3. You may now move your vehicle over to the handling circuit fire-up road.

Rules & Regulations

  1. The handling circuit is ONLY for road legal cars. No slick tyres etc.
  2. Seatbelt is mandatory
  3. No Passengers allowed.
  4. A 5 second penalty will be added if you hit ANY part of the circuit. 3 penalties and the run is VOID
  5. Any failure to comply with the instructions of marshals will result in your immediate removal from site.
Handling spacerHandling spacer Handling

Handling Circuit Times 2014

Place Name Car Quickest Time
Class C
1 Ronalds Bitmanis BMW E30 35.31
2 Ivan Reed BMW E21 36.15
3 Darius Klova BMW E30 37.5
4 Remigijius Narkus BMW 378 39.56
5 Stephen Budd BMW E46 39.56
6 Rafal Zgudka BMW 320 40.22
7 Paul Bareham BMW 340 40.59
8 Steven Massey BMW 323i 40.94
9 Osualdus Paskevicius BMW E46 40.94
10 Callum Noble 42.19
Class G
1 Arek 39.25
Class X 
1 David Livesey Caterham 620 R 35.21

Handling Circuit Times 2011

Place Name Car Quickest Time
- Frank Frostick Ford Escort Mk2 20.90
1 Mark Webb BMW 328i 21.77
2 Paul Bareham BMW 340i 23.15
3 Harry Gahunia BMW e30 23.17
4 Tayyiab Tasleem BMW 318  23.83
 -  Lukasz Alfa Romeo 156  24.06
5 Darren Bingham BMW e30 24.37
6 Alex Stringer Mini 24.85
 -  Rob Goodman Mercedes C180 K 24.99
7 Nick Gibbins BMW 325 25.02
8 Richard Harris BMW E30 25.28
9 Adrian Striling BMW 318ti 25.77
10 Adam Burton BMW Z3 1.9 26.85
11 James Thompson BMW 325 e30i 26.96
12 Luke Taylor BMW 318i 28.53
13 Dimttri Camp BMW  318 28.61
14 D.Henna BMW E36 328 28.96
15 Khalid BMW M3 32.54
16 Rob BMW M3 42.65
17 James Rogerson BMW M3 46.38

Handling Circuit Times 2010

Place Name Car Quickest Time
- Frank Frostick Ford Esort Mk 1 26.10
1st Ivan Reed BMW E31 321i 26.68
2nd Jason Tuner BMW 325 27.29
3rd James Dawson BMW E30 M Sport 27.32
- Christian Brett-Hazell Nissan 200SX S13 27.37
4th Marcin BMW E46 27.82
5th Mark Kicks BMW 328ci 28.14
6th Michael Zewisze BMW E46 330 M 28.15
7th A.Vaitkevi BMW E36 328 28.19
8th Scott Colker BMW E24 28.22
- Daniel Strawson VW Golf Tdi 28.22
- Will Adams Vauxhall Corsa 28.41
9th Matt Lemar BMW 318i 28.44
10th Simon Watts BMW 735i 28.93
- Rob Pratt Fait Punto 29.00
11th John Mason BMW E24 M Sport 29.07
12th Stewart Turner BMW 328i 29.12
13th Yasar Nawaz BMW 530d M Sport 29.44
14th Harry Gahunia BMW E30 325i 30.03
15th Aaron Young BMW 318ci 30.75
16th Mick Rodger BMW 540 32.51

Handling Circuit Times 2009

The results table for the Handling Circuit at BMW Show 2009.

Place Name Car Quickest Time
1st Christian Osborn BMW 335i 24.09
2nd Ivan Reed BMW 323i 24.22
3rd Grant Ross BMW M3 24.81
4th Jay Greene R32 4 Door Skyline 25.25
5th M Foskett BMW E30 26.15
6th Joseph Stevens Mercedes 190E 26.47
7th Armi Nas BMW 26.59
8th Jack Federico BMW 535 26.66
9th Robert Goodman Mercedes 180 26.75
10th Rick Cuthbert Corsa 27.63
11th Maxim Popov 23M Coupe 27.87
12th Anthony Mitchell BMW E34 27.91
13th Karl Mellor BMW 330 ci  28.03
14th D Faulkner BMW M3 28.06
15th Peter Green BMW 325i 5E 28.19
16th Rhodri Tippett BMW E36 28.53
17th Jon Brassington 335 E30 29.22
18th James Forster VW Polo 29.69
19th R Jacrus BMW 535 29.93
20th Neil Townsend Nissan 200 S13 32
21st Dom Brassington BMW 335 32.92

Handling Circuit Times 2008

The results table for the Handling Circuit at Ultimate BMW Show 2008.

Place Name Car Make & Model Fastest Time
1st Tom Stanway BMW 325i 43.25
2nd Simon Davies BMW 318 Compact 45.63
3rd John Pratt M3 46.66
4th Antony Timlick BMW 320ia 47.62
5th Paul Shawyer BMW E30 M3 47.41
6th Ben Dalgleish Mini One 51.43
7th Scott Ring 330ci 51.63
8th Dominic Brassingter BMW 328ci 53.06
9th Adrian Watkins BMW 525i 54.62
10th John Silvester BMW 120d 55.73
11th Peter Green BMW 540i 55.75
12th Richard Sawyer BMW M3 100.78
13th Nathan Ringham Mini One 101.28
14th Martin Gasior BMW 320 103.96

Handling Circuit Times 2007 

The results table for the Handling Circuit at Ultimate BMW Show 2007. With only short queues many drivers took the opportunity to have as many goes as the could in order to get their best possible time.

Place Name Car Make & Model Fastest Time
1st Tom Stanway BMW 325i 47.56
2nd Chris Williams BMW M Coupe 48.54
3rd Joseph Kellner BMW 318 48.60
4th Danielle Morgan BMW 325i 49.10
5th Ben Barry BMW M3 E36 50.37
6th Tony Thorpe  BMW 318 52.50
7th Joe Shaw BMW 325i 52.72
8th Graham Hammond BMW M3 52.82
9th Alex Coubrough BMW 325i 53.12
10th Leyhan Akcan BMW 316i Compact 53.56
11th Simon Davies BMW 318ti Compact 53.82
12th Nev Stevenson BMW E36 818i 54.31
13th Azuzur Rkihman BMW 316i Compact 54.44
14th Andy Rogers BMW E36 818i 55.00
15th Daniel Kelly BMW 520i 57.18
16th Darren Prentice BMW 316ci    1.00.00
17th Rick Cuthbert BMW 316ci     1.09.00

Handling Circuit Times 2006

The results table for the Handling Circuit at Ultimate BMW Show 2006. There was nothing to choose between the general public and the experienced drifters.

Place Best Time D/P Car Name
1st 31.35 Public - -
2nd 32.24 Drifter BMW M3 Ben Barry
3rd 32.44 Public BMW M3 Dave Myan
4th 32.79 Drifter Toyota KE7O Lex
5th 33.28 Drifter - -
6th 33.39 Drifter - -
7th 33.44 Drifter Toyota Corrolla Kenny
8th 33.58 Public BMW 335 Paul Bareham
9th 33.62 Drifter - -
10th 33.69 Drifter - -
11th 34.00 Public BMW e34 535i Tony Smith
12th 34.30 Public BMW 523i Steve Klelen
13th 34.35 Drifter Nissan Skyline R32 Danny Rabia
14th 34.44 Drifter - -
15th 35.15 Public BMW 535i Murry Smith
16th 35.19 Drifter Nissan 180SX Antony Cahill
17th 36.01 Drifter Toyota Soarer Danny Neville
18th 37.36 Public BMW M5 Ankwa Bandesha
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